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The Effects Of Change~Evolution.

I shall begin with a simple question what is change?

An act or process through which something becomes different.
Change is so inevitable. Now changes can be both good and bad and so could be its effects. 

Change can affect you in a lot of ways. The human brain is like a closed loop. We might not know but our brain automatically keeps on processing thoughts. These external factors get imprinted in our minds and our brain takes them as either challenges or threats and processes them accordingly.

The effects can be broadly classified into-
1     Positive effects
         Negative effects
         Immediate effects
           Delayed/long-term effects

The paragraph below will demonstrate the different types of effects in a very simple manner- 
 Imagine, you have been working all your life in a small town firm and suddenly one day, you get to start working at a big firm in NYC. Now as I told earlier our brain is a closed loop. You look at the change in the place, notice the change in the work demands, your co-workers and you try to adapt accordingly. Let me remind you, 

adaptation is a very important aspect of change. 

So yea, you try to adapt to the new changes in your life, start working harder. You work for hours at a stretch and you miss your meals, you neglect social interactions. The most immediate effect of this small town to NYC change will be on your health because of your regular skipping of meals and super hectic routine. Gradually, as you continue to keep at par with the competition, you will notice an increase in your success graphs. And who knows you might even own this very company someday! Slowly, you'll start losing friends and get isolated because of neglected human interactions. But you continue working hard.
So you see, The example I have above, clearly explains how every change brings along with it a series of effects with can be positive, negative, immediate and delayed. Rarely, effects are neutral.

In the end, I would like to focus on the most important effect of change and that is evolution. A lot of people think that change is detrimental. I suggest change is necessary for us to be what we want to be. To be able to achieve our goals, we must learn how to adapt to these changes and evolve accordingly.

This is a guest entry on the Effects Of Change series made by Tajwar Fatma.

She is an over-thinker, and just like me, trying to impact the world positively!
You can head over to her site Here. Where she demonstrates her passion!

Best Wishes,


Lawson Elijah. Lawson Elijah. Author

Taking Second Chances.

It may be the third, the fourth The Fifth or the tenth time…. Keep giving yourself chances. A chance to make things right, a chance to start all over again, a chance to love, a chance to live life, a chance to not feel guilty.

I cannot afford to say that I know what each and every one of you is going through, but I can risk admitting that I can relate to them. I know what pain feels like; it’s plainly painful, sufferings aren't for any better either.

  As parents, the deprivements you go through to send your children to school, Even Children, the battle between studying, facing bullies, coping with fighting parents....Individuals drawn in depression almost already given up on life.

Often times the society doesn't help matters either. In Nigeria, single parents, mostly Moms are frowned upon. It's believed that their children will turn out to nothing but wayward nuisance causing Mayhems all around. 
Shunning your attention to these things would be of great help. One mistake we often make is depending upon the society for refuge In return, what we get is plain sympathy, not empathy but I don't blame anyone I only blame the system, After all, they have their issues to deal with too.

However, this is about you. No one but you will help you live your life. This always doesn't work easily as speaking but you have to take it one step at a time. You need not see these as problems but rather as challenges. Obstacles that hinder you from reaching your peak. A few aggressive approaches one at a time with sure see them crumbling at your feet.

For my dear depressed friends who are contemplating suicide, I beg you not to. The world needs you. The 7.2 billion folks walking on the surface of our beloved planet need you to survive. Suicide is absolutely NOT the way out of your assumed misery rather; you’ll only become a failure when you do so. Think about this, would death really put an end to what you are passing through? What if you’ll only end up returning back to a new outlook and perhaps a different country faced with the same issues?  The truth is, if you don’t make it on this earth God brought you to, you’ll most likely not make it anywhere else. You are too close to success to give up now! You are too special to be fed to maggots! You are a living being, so there’s hope for survival, there’s hope for a change in your situation. Save yourself, save a life and save the tears of people for you never know who you inspire.

Generally, challenges mould us to become stronger, better and wiser.  If you aren’t faced with one you must be a coconut.  Fate, however, knows that we can sure handle them that is probably why we come across them. This life we live in is a test. And no test is ever easy if you do not prepare.

So give yourself a chance to see things in a whole brand new perspective.

Follow a credo of #Live  #Laugh and #Love! 
I do hope I’ve helped someone? J L

Best Wishes,


Note: This is an Entry to Train Of Thoughts Weekly Challenge. 
Lawson Elijah. Lawson Elijah. Author

Imaginations:Expanding The Horizons.

Imagination makes it possible to create, develop and explore a whole new world inside your mind, thereby viewing situations from different angles in an attempt to leave the real world behind.
Everyone or anyone can master the Art of imagination. Although, they come in different and various levels of degrees. Nonetheless, Imagination is a creative power that when harnessed, plays a great amount of role and adds value to one's life. 

A strong and wild imagination doesn't make one a daydreamer, and they are also not limited to the display of pictures in the mind. It's a sense of being, living and feeling for those few precious moments. Constant practice of imagination gives the strength to combine all these abilities.

Swaying through zero gravity in the mind is much more fun than having to take a math test. ~Little wonder why my mind wanders during such experiences~. However, modesty in the practice can help avoid one from being practically impractical. 

Some of us (Myself Included) even have imaginary friends and we like to pretend that they exist so we treat them as such. We find them as loyal companions, share our issues with them and we don't get judged by them for any reason. At least, they don't exist Lol.

Imagination is what we do daily! when we're planning that event, we imagine how it'll look like! Growing that perfect family? Imagination! telling a story, trying to figure a description from a book, all imaginations!

The importance of imagination is that; if you don't recognize it, your life would be pretty Damn Boring.! Yep! It's crucial! so veer away every formality, take a deep breathe and capture that perfect scenario.

Your Imagination can be used as a tool to escape, or try to escape deaming challenges merely seeing them as walkovers. 

Learning How to use your imaginations correctly would help shapen your mindset and perhaps set you up toward the path of success.

The creative power of imagination has an important role in the achievement of success in any field. What we imagine with faith, optimism and feelings come into being. It is the fundamental ingredient of creative visualization, positive thinking, affirmations and conscious living.

Sharpen Your Imaginative skills and use them the right way!

Best Wishes,
Lawson Elijah. Lawson Elijah. Author

I Have A Dream.

            I Have A Dream, It's about the future.

            A future where Young minds are encouraged,

            Regardless of naiveness.

            Where I will never be considered a minor,

          Irrespective of my age.

          I have a dream, it's about today.

        Where pesky fellows would understand us, children,
       Where we practice the art of conscious living,

        Where we do what is right,

      In replacement of what is convenient for us.

          Where positivity is embraced,

          Irrespective of the circumstance.

               I have a dream,
              It's seeing my dreams becoming a reality,
            Along with it; peace, love and joy,

            Where good things never cease.

                Hold fast to dreams without wavering,
              For if they die,

            Life will become a broken-winged bird

              That cannot fly.

          Do you have a dream?

Best Wishes,

Note: I made this post as my participation in the "Train of Thoughts" weekly writing event started by Nitin of more information about it here.


Lawson Elijah. Lawson Elijah. Author

The Effects of Change: Divergence.

Hello Readers! here's another guest post on The Effects Of Change series By; Acielo De Chavez.  She's a phenomenal Lady as she aims at helping people who are having issues Facing their Problems. She believes that Psychology and Technology can work together to improve mental health. (Psychotech). Check out her site; Here.

Change is an inevitable thing. Over the years, things have changed – from culture, education, and other systems present in the world. There are systems that most of us follow because they are essential; and there are these systems that we are sick and tired of following just because it corrupts our beliefs, thoughts, and the very person that we are.

What is Divergence?

Divergence is an idea of parting away from something that you think is different from what you exactly want to do, belief, practice, etc.
Divergence can be taken in different ways depending on how it emerged.
1)      By disagreement
- Divergence emerges as a result of a strong disagreement. Who would want to stay and nurture disagreements? Any takers? Of course, none! Might as well turn away to avoid negative thoughts and consequences. 
2)      By acquisition and deviation
- You acquire the thought because you feel different hence, you deviate.

Divergence as an effect of change

Change, whether good or bad, affects people in different ways. Well, you might see it as something positive and/or negative, but to me – it is just plain instinct of going against something that you think is incorrectly imposed.A lot of rules and laws have been made and changed, but when you think something does not feel right, you go against it and deviate. Deviance has been seen as something negative, especially when you go against the norms. But how can it be positive? Are you kidding me? Deviance is positive? Yeah! 

Deviance is a good thing when you are breaking free of negative cycles brought about by things that you are not used to having or doing. -Acielo Chavez                                                                      

It may have been perceived as a resistance to change, but not. It is not just resistance, but it is the core of telling the world that we are all different and things are not one-size-fits-all. It makes you think of things before you just accept them as they are. It allows you to become rational. It gives you the freedom to be who you are and the ability to part from things that you are not. It justifies your need to say “no”, when you need to or even just on the idea that you know it will be bad for you.
Common sense. Yep, while we are all being rational about parting away from the norms, we are also guided by our common senses whether we should accept changes or not. Changes plus our common sense, they make us the person that we are as we act on things. In order to be able to get the positive side of things, we do not just go where the majority is. Example: Politics and Corruption, while most of them are being succumbed by the corruption in the system, might as well practice divergence and go against what is “normal”. See, positive, right?

All of us have a common law and understanding of what is good and what is bad, something that does not need any language to be understood, something that is brought about by the changes that one might have experienced or gone through. No matter what we say, if these are the things that we think will make us better, or for the welfare of most, I think it has more positive in it!

So there it is :) Do you agree that divergence possesses it's own effects or not, leave your comments below!

What out for the next Effects Of Change Series.!

#Lawson Elijah.
Lawson Elijah. Lawson Elijah. Author

The Effects of Change: Family Life


CHANGE, a constant thing in this world and, like it or not, we just have to adapt and surf the waves of change either that, or we perish. Survival of the fittest, remember?. 

EFFECTS OF CHANGE ON FAMILY LIFE...Let us discuss, one by one, the factors that have a great impact in today’s family life;

One, women and changing lifestyle and tradition. Family life involves a mother; a mother is a woman. And, dang, I tell you, where there are female species, EVOLUTION is always certain to follow.

Once upon in ancient times, women were largely (largely because you will find in history strong women who made difference in the course of human existence) considered as nothing more than an accessory and vessel to carry on with evolution in many cultures. Aristotle even thought that a child inherits only the father’s genes and none of the mother’s! Poor guy was a great philosopher who contributed much both in science and philosophy but, apparently, had a poor view on women.

However, In the recent era, women are allowed to vote, to have careers, to choose the men they want to marry or to choose not to marry at all and they actively exist in almost every field. QUITE A CHANGE!.

How does it affect the family life? In a BIG way. We also bring food to the table and therefore, husbands and brothers cannot be said as the only provider of the bunch. More and more, even in very conservative culture, women are being assertive of fighting for equal treatment and opportunities. In many countries, both male and female have the right to education. As such, the workforce is no longer limited to men.

Work means the ability to earn…earning means financial liberty…financial independence means the capability to make a choice. Recent studies showed that many women these days opt to stay single. In Western countries, this is not quite a shock. However, this is a different matter to their Asian counterparts because Asians prided their strengths in the reliable support of family. Meaning, that the old generation can always rely on the younger ones to provide support in their golden years (hence, pension program for the old populace is uncommon). That runs true in most Asian countries. With the latter generation opting not to enter marriage, sharp and definitive change will be expected not only in terms of population but also in the economy. Governments should make plans on how to deal with this impending crisis.

Two, technology. In my childhood; 

   I remember having my siblings, cousins and neighbours as playmates. I can still recall sitting on the floor with my chin resting on my Granny’s knee listening to her stories of how she ended up with Gramps…, or when my brother and I would help Mom in changing pillow cases and curtains while exchanging tales. During nights when there was a full moon, we listened to storytelling of either bible stories or children’s literature or scary rural myths about monsters, ghosts and witches told by an aunt or uncle or older cousins. Kids today? Do they even go outdoors? I bet, more often than not, they are glued to either the phone, the laptop, the tablet or the TV. As I once remarked on someone’s blog, modern technology keeps the family close and yet apart. Do I need to explain that? People in the house all looking stupidly at each his/her own screen. Not talking and yet they are together. You want to talk to your kids? Be in their social media circle.


 Family needs. I do not know if it is just me. Nonetheless, from my point of view, it seems to me that the family have more needs now than it used to be. Before I would like to think, they are only concerned about food, housing, clothing and education. Today, if I am a parent, I will have to think of those things plus my kid now will also need a phone, computer or laptop, occasional travel and most likely, further education to beef up his/her professional qualification (to become market-competitive).

Last, But Certainly Not The least,

 The hierarchy of authority. In the past, it had always been Dad (or, Mom, lol) who decides on every single thing. Children in this age though are allowed more freedom to express themselves and assert themselves. Let us say, from dictatorship, we have become democratic.

Did I miss anything? If yes, please feel free to write down your opinions in the comment section. And do not forget to watch out for the next; 

“The Effect of Change” series. Ciao!

Marisse Lee is a  Writer, blogger, a curious and irreverent soul who strives to learn and grow in this journey called life. 

Visit her site Here!

''I do not fancy a castle but rather a small hut by the beach with a hammock tied between two coconut trees''- Harping by a pixie
Lawson Elijah. Lawson Elijah. Author

As Writers...

Copied from; Here.
To write a good 500-600 words piece, it roughly takes 3-4 hours minimum, including the editing, selecting the right pictures, adding links.etc. Even the most basic article takes around 1 hour to write. Somedays you produce a masterpiece. And some days are just the plain, sad ones.
The Internet is a nasty space. People who haven’t written even 10 lines in their entire lives criticize budding writers and poets. And that’s very sad. A lot give up because of it. And this is wrong.
No matter how busy I was in these last months, I wrote at least 4 lines and posted it on the blog. And somehow I believe, that has kept me motivated.
So let’s support every writer out there, by copying and pasting this status. And also share one picture of you writing. To do something is better than to do absolutely nothing. Let’s appreciate our fellow writers & tell them that every single one of them is worth it. Also, Share it on every social media ( I have shared it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter already) and Reblog it so that it reaches every last person who is about to give-up writing! Spread this chain so that it becomes a cycle.
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Timeout With Psychologist Udeme Okono.

Hello, fellow positivity advocates! it's another edition here on Positive Impartation. An interview with a Counseling Psychologists!
I met with him on a teens event hosted by my mother; Hossana Lawson. He spoke about the different kinds of personalities we have; The introvert, Ambivert and the Extrovert.

I admired the way he spoke! He captures audience attention swiftly, entertaining and as well, educationally.

We had a photo shoot afterwards which we promised to keep in contact. I sent him a mail on the 17th of September requesting to have an interview with him, and voila! He replied two days ago.!

Persistence and Patience are the keys, my friends. :)
So, let's learn from the prof!

Question One:
Good day, Sir, Can You Briefly Introduce Your self To our readers?
Thank you for having me.
My name is Udemeobong Okodi Okono. I am a Counselling Psychologist and a Broadcaster.
First Degree in Counselling, Post Graduate Diploma in Customer Relationship Management and presently putting finishing touches to my Master's Degree dissertation. I guess that's brief.

Question Two:
How do you feel about being interviewed On Positive Impartation?

I feel rather flattered but I consider it an honour. Having gone through your blog a couple of times, I am pleased to have been chosen to lend my voice to the great job you're doing.

Question Three:
Tell Us About Your career and why you choose to venture into it.

I am a Counselling Psychologist with a minimum five years in practice. In the last five years plus, I have been into series of training, recruitment and other forms of consultancy for notable private and government agencies such as the Nigerian Prisons Service, Lafia, Nasarawa State, Dove Schools, Ikot Ekpene, Obong Group of Schools, Etim Ekpo, Akwa Ibom State, Avarinda Model School, Mangalagiri, India among others. I also volunteer pro-bono Counselling Sessions every once in a while. 
I feel satisfied whenever I can help someone overcome a challenge or discover where he belongs.

About why I choose Counselling, I grew up to find out that I love to hold conversations, I would always want to help people in need and people who are troubled. Whenever I could not help, I felt really bad. 
My parents had noted all of that and at some point interpreted it to mean that I would do well in Law but somewhere along the line, in a class of fifty, almost everyone wanted to study Law. This among a few other factors completely turned me off.
My Dad presented two options to me when he realised I wouldn't study law; Marketing and Counselling.
Truth is, I didn't like mathematics and any other form of calculation at all apart from, of course counting money lol so I opted for Counselling after I was put through possible job prospects in the field.

Question Four:
Also, Discuss Your strengths as well as your flaws that helped/retrogressed you in your profession

Uhm... strength! I guess the fact that I love what I do is the strongest of it all. Even in the face of very complex situations; certain cases want to blow you away from that even after holding case conferencing sessions, headache from maybe client's unwillingness to divulge certain information that could help the case still builds a 'firewall' but again, the love keeps me digging till a solution shows up.

Earlier in my professional life, I would spend a lot of time sympathising with clients when they bring their problems and sometimes end up feeling broken even more than the client. Over time, I'd grown to realise that all that is needed is empathy just so the client will feel comfortable to discuss and also put the therapist in a sound emotional state to offer help.
Again, being someone that loves to talk, I needed to do some form of self-discipline in order to build effective listening skills. All of that had been put in perspective. 

Question Five:
What other interests do you have/Indulge in In your spare time?

I am a social media enthusiast. I love to hold intelligent conversations. 

I'm self-schooling on a wide range of interest areas like digital marketing, brand management, leadership etc.
I volunteer, talk politics and play volleyball.

Question Six:
How do you rate your Enthusiasm in your work on a scale of 1-10?

9.9999999999 lol. That's probably so it doesn't seem exaggerated at 10. But maybe I still ended up saying 10 lol.

Question Seven:
What is the most Frustrating Part of your career?

I'd say having to work without adequate facilities in place.
There's so much more to Counselling than advice-giving. Almost everyone does that even people without basic education can advise but dealing without specific human challenges such as psychological disorders will require test instruments and other facilities for the effectiveness of treatment.On the whole, the aforementioned may not really make the job frustrating but a bit more tasking than it should be.

Question Eight:
How was Your childhood, growth, experiences, dreams and limitations?

Childhood was interesting and chiefly religious.
I grew up in a somewhat comfortable home (what others would call average). I had access to quality education and basic facilities.
We rarely went out and so my learning revolved around how much my school and home environment could offer at the time.
I'd always wanted to hold interactions with large audiences, speak at seminars, conferences and share ideas with people. So far I'd say that I'm living my dreams.

Question Nine:
Now, If you were to change anything in the world, what would it be? and your reasons 
The one thing I'd love to change is discrimination of all kinds. Racial, gender, tribal, political etc. I wish for a world with people seeing each other as humans notwithstanding where they come from or reside, their gender, financial status etc.

Question Ten:
Define your model(If you have any)
In leadership/politics, Rt. Hon.(Barr) Onofiok Luke is my role model and I'm currently learning at his feet.
Media-wise, Akparawa Michael Bush is my mentor.

Question 11
Do you have any regrets over things you didn't do? we'll like to hear them
None at all

Question 12:
Do you encourage people to follow their passion?

Sure! I encourage people to do what they love. Do whatever gives you fulfillment as long as it doesn't cause discomfort to everyone else or the society.

Bonus question:
Tell us 8 random facts about your self!

I love contemporary gospel music a lot
I play the piano
I love talking
None of my friends is my age; they're older lol
They say I'm a very good listener
Very sociable
I love politics
Spaghetti and meatballs are to die for lol

Question 13:
Any last words?

Never make excuses for failure. Learn from the fall and walk. Society will not celebrate excuses but success and results.

Thanks for reading this far! Leave a comment, share and subscribe to this blog.!
Lawson Elijah. Lawson Elijah. Author

The Effects Of Change; The Narcissist Personality.

I have watched a lot of television in my short lifetime so there are a lot of shows that I really enjoy and love. So, when I was given this topic I couldn’t help but think of the following four shows and as we go along, I will tell you how they relate to this topic.

Four shows/movies that more or less made my childhood and early adolescence are; Shallow Hal, Johnny Bravo, Beauty and the Beast (the cartoon version) and John Tucker Must Die. Besides the obvious fun plots that these shows have, they all have one common thread. The characters that make up the central plot have a problem with narcissism. It is a chronic problem at least at the very beginning of the show to the middle of the show. They were all presented to us that way and as the audience, we are generally expected to accept them the way that they are and in turn hate them. But if you pay attention long enough, there are clues that are dropped during the movie about the character that gives us clues as to how they arrived at Point Narcissism.

Narcissism, quite simply, is the notion that there is none equal to the self. Everyone else outside of the person is lesser than. But if you think about Narcissus, who is the root legend of this disease (yes, it is a sickness), you would understand that there was a certain progression. Narcissus denied every one of himself. He thought that no woman was good enough for his good looks. The argument could be that he was very picky….at the beginning of the story but with each denial, we realise that he’s a bit of a prude and then a bit of a snob and then a big jerk. Anyway, at the end of it all, he sees himself in a pool of water, falls hopelessly in love with himself and eventually dies/turns into some kind of tree.

He denies himself of everyone because he holds such a high ideal of himself. But I don’t think that it is just that. I think that Narcissus loved the attention. He loved being the centre of attraction and him being able to reject people empowered him at least in his mind. What happened was that there was one person that wasn’t giving him that level of attention – himself.
With this in mind, let’s explore the effect of change in relation to narcissism.

Sudden Increase In Popularity

I believe the closest character to Narcissus is Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Easily. The only difference is that Gaston managed to convince himself to be in love with himself. There are some clues as to how Gaston got this way and they were revealed very early in the show. Gaston was physically superior. If you look at everyone else in the town, the men are either very old or very caricature-like. Disney made it too easy for him to be the centre of attention. Added to that, he was a town hero. Killed a couple of wild animals here and there and basically puts hearts in the eyes of the town.
Now there were probably dozens of hunters in the town. Let’s be serious – as provincial as Belle’s town was, everyone could not be bakers, butchers and librarians. But, with his build and his looks, he took the occupation to a whole other level. I’m willing to bet if he was a good-looking coward he would have gotten zero attention. In fact, he would have been seen as a bum. What changed for Gaston was the level of his notoriety. This more than kicked off his narcissism. Thus, an effect of change in reputation from non-existent to celebrity status can bring on narcissism.

Family Obligations or Expectations.                                                                                                                

Hal Larson, in my mind, was also pretty narcissistic. People who know the movie “Shallow Hal” may not agree but I have a reason for saying this. Hal thought himself above anyone who didn’t look like a Victoria Secret model. That is a form of narcissism. Not being attracted to someone is one thing but outright rejecting someone that doesn’t mirror this idea that you have in your mind is indeed narcissistic. If you paid attention to my explanation of narcissism, you could understand where I am coming from with this. Hal wasn’t so in love with himself that he lost touch with reality but he was that much in love with himself that he dared not go below what his standard was. 
But Hal didn’t bring this on himself. He had some help with this one. Hal made a promise to his dying father that he would only date women of a superior physical quality. This is the wish of a parent that he was trying to fulfil. How do you deny a dying parent? So, Hal had to carry out this wish for his father just like anyone of us would if we were about to lose a parent. Life happens and that can also trigger narcissism.

Unresolved Insecurity

“John Tucker Must Die” is one of the typical American comings of age movies. Mean girls, mean guys and everyone in between. John Tucker is just between Gaston and Narcissus. He uses the fact that he could get anyone that he wanted to get everyone that he wanted. Need we say more? He was wreaking havoc until a group of girls who dated John and suffered the consequences of the hump-and-dump tactic that he was using to come together and put a stop to him. They created the perfect girl out of a nobody to ruin him by depriving him of the attention that he craved so much It's a good thing that they did because we got to find out that John was only like that because he had a reputation to keep as head jock and him trying to be this predator was a shell so that he would never be hurt or be seen as vulnerable. In his mind, that’s what women liked probably because that is what the media that he was exposed to, taught him. This was a lost young man who was afraid of being seen as less than.

 Unresolved insecurity is very much a cause of narcissism and strangely enough is a common cause of a very toxic mental condition.
Not Enough Guidance Or Honesty From The People Around You

Sometimes, narcissism can be borne out of the fact that we just don’t know any better. My cartoon crush (for various reasons except for his looks), Johnny Bravo, is the epitome of the previous statement. Johnny is a complete narcissist. He thinks himself some sort of god in human form. His mother coddles him senseless half of the time and the other half just doesn’t pay attention to him or his behaviour. The people in this town don’t seem to know how to tell him that he’s a narcissist. Little Suzie loves him, Carl believes himself to be Johnny’s best friend and Pops is overly consumed with making money from his dinner. Johnny has no guidance whatsoever. How do you know if you’re doing something wrong if no one ever tells you?
There are people who don’t get called out on their narcissistic behaviour and they remain this way, destroying themselves and annoying others. No change and no room to change or no motivation to change can also bring on narcissism and it can be the worst form of narcissism that there is.

Triggers of narcissism, if not controlled, can turn the nicest people into some of the most pathetic creatures on the planet. The onus is on the sober-minded to clutch them from the abyss once we realise that this is the road that they are travelling down and rescue them before it is too late. 

This Exotic piece was written by: Kershelle Mike.

She is the brain behind the; "The Angry Marketer" & "Textbook Rantings" blogs.

Her inclination for teaching others simply has led her to create two blogs - one that offers simple but helpful design, start-up and marketing pieces of advice to novice bloggers while the other contributes to the global discourse on important, and sometimes touchy, current affairs. By doing this, she hopes to prove that intelligence level should not solely be determined by a piece of paper but rather in addition to what is demonstrated by the paper holder.

Follow her on Twitter - Like her Facebook Page. Visit Her Blogs; The Angry Marketer. Text Book Rantings.

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Lawson Elijah. Lawson Elijah. Author

On Concentration.

Hello readers! happy new week! It's been a while since I updated the Quotes Page so I have taken out time to work on it today! 

Speaking On concentration from different perspectives! Be Motivated!

Those who attain to any excellence commonly spend life in some single pursuit, for excellence is not often gained upon easier terms. -Samuel Johnson

For he who has no tranquillity, there is no concentration. -Bhagavad Gita

One arrow does not bring down two birds. -Turkish Proverb

The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success are concentration, discrimination, organization, innovation and communication. -Michael Faraday

It is those who concentrate on but one thing at a time who advance in this world. The great man or woman is the one who never steps outside his or her speciality or foolishly dissipates his or her individuality. -Og Mandino

Discipline and concentration are a matter of being interested. -Tom Kite

All good is gained by those whose thought and life is kept pointed close to one main thing, not scattered abroad upon a thousand. -Stephen McKenna

Concentration is the factor that causes the great discrepancy between men and the results they achieve… the difference in their power of calling together all the rays of their ability and concentrating on one point. -Orison Swett Marden

Give whatever you are doing and whomever you are with the gift of your attention. -Jim Rohn

There can only be one state of mind as you approach any profound test; total concentration, a spirit of togetherness, and strength. -Pat Riley

Concentration is the key to economic results. No other principles of effectiveness are violated as constantly today as the basic principle of concentration. -Peter F. Drucker

There can only be one state of mind as you approach any profound test; total concentration, a spirit of togetherness, and strength. -Pat Riley

Concentration is my motto — first honesty, then industry, then concentration. -Andrew Carnegie

Each man is capable of doing one thing well. If he attempts several, he will fail to achieve distinction in any. -Plato

Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory. -Bill Russell

I’ve learned ruthless concentration. I can write under any circumstances…street noises, loud talk, music, you name it. -Sylvia Porter

The first law of success is concentration; to bend all the energies to one point, and to go directly to that point, looking neither to the right nor the left. -William Matthews

If our thoughts and hopes are elsewhere, it is impossible to set our faces steadily toward the work required of us. -Unknown

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