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      About Me

   Hello there! Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you came around. I'm Lawson Elijah, 15 years old from Nigeria, West Africa precisely.

 I have Leukophobia- The Image, I know! I'm on glasses :P- and I'm a Photophobic patient. I use photochromic lenses for better sight in the daytime. I'm one of the millions of teenagers out there who have experienced what a broken home looks like. To avoid being Eccentric or venture into the world of Mild depression, I decided to fully explore the world of writing and writing Ugly at that. 

My writing is a reflection of one of my passions, the zeal to encourage Positivity in people. I'm aware people go through and have gone through a lot than I did and would ever do, However, I encourage them to keep fighting and standing strong. Having it at the back of their minds that They can, and will make it through till the end. 

 I love Music, Food, not really addicted to Games as one would expect. and I rap too. 

Lastly, I'm really glad you are here, out of all the million blogs out there you are here! it means a lot! As I'm new to the blogging world, I beg your pardon for any mistakes I'll make now and in the future. You can connect with me on  Facebook, PintrestInstagram. I anticipate making friends with you! 
Or simply send an E-mail to Lawsonelijah2002@gmail.com. 

        About Positive Impartation.

So, Positive Impartation. Was my idea. Please, refer to The 'Me' Culture. To read how it all started :)
In summary, in order to get my voice out, I started this blog on the 1st of May, 2017. with the aim of encouraging positive thoughts and Mindset in you, me and as many people as possible. 
I really do hope you find my blog worth interesting... I would love to receive your constructive criticism. Thanks a lot!

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