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The Secret Recipe ; Choices You make!

Written By Lawson Elijah. on Friday, 8 September 2017 | September 08, 2017

Let me ask you this question; If presented before you are the meals above, which would you choose? remember, You must pick Just one of them.

  Now I'm guessing some of us would love the cheese burger some others the salad, and a few others would be quite ambivalent due to health issues or something. but I would simply break the rules and have both! Do not raise your eye brows yet, :D That's the extent to which I would obviously be salivating.

This is not a Meal comparison -although it may seem like one-, It's more of decision identification what you choose to want, and willing to stand for.

Some kinds of choices you make don't always end up leading you into dire circumstances as much as you had expected, while some others well, we learn from them.

                                         Brief break-down 



           The Oxford University Press dictionary, explains choice as the ability or right to choose. while with respect, I explain choice(s) as the secret recipe to the desired want.

The fact is; You can choose your actions or you can choose your consequence, but you can't choose both.

It was a chosen action to study in the night before the exams. It's a chosen consequence to not take oxygen to space. but you didn't choose to study at night to pass or fail the exams or to breathe methane or sulphuric oxide -whatever planet you're in- in space and then question God why you died.

We cook our decisions and life increases or decreases the heat, leaving the outcome for us to bear, or amend. It's also a choice to rather bear or to amend.

Whatever you do, own your choice. If you chose stupidly (Pardon my language) take full responsibilities for the consequences of that choice If you a chose to walk on a path and never deviate from it, own that too! -Don't get swayed by yourself or by anyone else for your commitment.

It's not in anyway surprising that people get 'caught up in the moment' and make silly choices and then they get shocked at the outcome. which turned out to be completely different from what they had expected. Do not be in the same shoes. bear in mind that if you can't accept the consequences of your actions don't indulge in them. Note that the Choice Is Yours. You wouldn't love a ''Had I known'' kind of experience.

Finally, I would like you to test your knowledge on how much you understand the topic.

Evaluation Test;

* Explain your Understanding of the word 'Choice'

*  Do you agree with it being a 'recipe' as explained above? If not, I'm glad you're learning!

*Do you promise to start choosing the right choices?

Great! I'd be more than glad if you start making the right choice(s).

Start now by leaving a comment!.

Have a great Day

#Positive Impartation


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  1. Good concept. Makes one think :) :D

  2. That was an interesting read. It intrigued me.

  3. Choice and consequence are two things that go together, don't you think? Each choice or action you make has a corresponding set of consequences, either good or bad. However, I do agree with you that whatever choice you have chosen, one must own it up...stand by it...and deal with whatever comes after the decision is made. I am one of the few people who like "had I known" experiences. I like making mistakes because mistakes teach lesson like nothing else. That is just my thought.

    1. Hello Marisse, Thanks for sharing you opinions with us! It's very okay to make mistakes as long as we do not become subjected to them, secondly, the 'had i know' emphasis on either bearing the pain of discipline or the pain of regrets at a later date. :)

  4. This post makes me go hmmmm.....and gives me some food for thought. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great article - my husband struggles so much with choice and making decisions, I'll have to pass this along to him!