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Stress Management; Effective methods.

Written By Lawson Elijah. on Sunday, 10 September 2017 | September 10, 2017

    The term Stress generally refers to these things; The Psychological Perception of pressure,-The Body's response to it- and The state of mental, emotional or other strain. Although Stress is a fact of life as it's inevitable, Being Stressed Out is simply not.

 Being Stressed out brings about Uneasiness which leads to anxiety, and also causing a damaging effect on the brain and the human body.

Through the exhibition of hormonal signalling, a Perceived approach of danger set's off a subconscious Fight/Flee response which prepares one to rather fight or flee away from the scene.
   A stressful event like this one-or related,- triggers a mass of hormones that surge through the body, which causes an increase in the heart beat and the circulation of the blood, mobilizing fat and sugar for energy and preparation for action. It generally takes quite a while to cool this down after the stress response has been triggered.

The more stressed out we are, the more vulnerable we are to getting affected by cold, diseases and more. Which in turn makes us less opened to the beauty of life.

                                               Stress Management Methods.

                                                   * Admit It

The first and most Important step is to admit you are being stressed out. 
Each person has his/her own different signals, which we use in detecting how we feel and measure our efficiency. From the Neck to the shoulder pain, Gnashing of teeth, Loss of temper... Learn to identify yours and own up to it. It's also recommended that you say it out loud; ''I'm Feeling Stressed,'' when you are encapsulated. Doing so would reduce the build up of Negativity and unnecessary Anxiety.


* Listen To Music.

Music is simply Life! Imagine the world without music or harmonious sounds. Really boring eh? Good!.
It's also an imperative technique in Stress Management. Although scientists recommend classical Music You're always free to have your favourite genre. It's a healthy practice, You should try it out!

* Develop A Mantra.

Mantra -a sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation- here, is termed Positive Affirmation. Creating a short mantra is an excellent way of shunning the self-daunting voice which tries to discourage you from attaining your goal. It also adds to your stress! 'I can do It!' say and believe this when you feel challenged and watch the outcome.

* Be Tough.

At first Instances of encountering stress, it's quite normal to ask rhetorical questions like; ''what did I do to deserve this?'' However, the fact is; Asking questions like that has already introduced helplessness in the situation, there by causing you to get stressed out almost instantly. If you're served a bad meal at the hotel, don't drown in self-pity! ask for a replacement nicely! if you failed an examination, go back, prepare and write again! don't give up.  Never allow these things to drain your enthusiasm... But when it all seems too Much, learn to Say no Politely.

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