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Dream And Reality. #1

Written By Lawson Elijah. on Friday, 1 September 2017 | September 01, 2017

-''Life is not about what you know, It's measured by what you are willing to explore; the unknown, and the inspiration you share along the journey.-A box of secrets.

Have you ever woken up from a dream? and then wake up from another dream, and a few minutes-Could be hours Though- later, Really wake up to reality? Oh, how does that feel? could be Pretty Eerie the first few minutes I assume. This occurrence happens to Lot's of people. In our dreams, we could wake up brush our teeth's, go to work and do all normal stuff. And Finally, when we do REALLY wake up, we might get a bit pissed but to no one in particular. Then you realize it was all a Dream. 
Now, people perceive dreams in different manners. one view is that; They relate to organizing the emotional/motivational structure of life. Another is; Dreams are the Side-effects of a memory reorganization process which occurs while we sleep. Or maybe to boost your energy for the day.

       How ever, we can almost all agree to the fact that dreams are a portal to another phase of reality whose proximity is based on our interactions with reality and our imaginations.

The myth of dream-Reality confusion is an understandable one complementing the fact that Lucid dreams can ''Feel'' almost like reality. In my opinion, these two are slightly different entities.

Dreams are only limited to mostly about what you see, feel and say/do. 
You might not know the time, or the date, or perhaps how you got to where you are.
        Dreams could also predict the future, which makes them more different from reality as one won't know what'll happen afterwards in reality.

How do I know that dreams are not a reality?

          Firstly, Pinch yourself in a dream and tell if you felt a physical pain. I doubt you did. 

This doesn't apply to most people though, but it's difficult to control your self in dreams. It's like a movie which you just watch. When we are overpowered in the dream, we gradually remember that there's a reality we begin to wake up slowly. This sometimes occurs into a false awakening.

The answer to this question is to perform a reality check on yourself when you wake up!
95% of the world's population goes to sleep every night and accept dreams as their reality. When they wake up, they realize it wasn't real. We can likely say one person living two different lives.

  However, you do not need to give up your responsibilities to dream like a child. All you need to do is learn how to dream big and always pursue your dreams. 

''Go confidently in the life of your dreams, and live the life that you have always imagined.''- Henry Thoreau.

By the way, happy New month :).
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  1. Yes I went through it. I was having some kind of problem but when I was about to die then i wake up.

  2. Yeah this has happened to me and it was scary. I remember waking up one time and couldn't move my body.

  3. I don't dream often but some times i have dreams about my husband and wake up pretty angry at him. Poor guy has no idea the things he's done in my dreams. Lol

  4. Yes we should all learn to dream big and be brave enough to pursue our dreams. Shell

  5. Isnt it interesting how often we dream and yet we are still not sure about the reasons behind why we do something in our dreams or so? I've heard, that we cant even have in our dreams anyone we've never met. Someone who looks like a stranger to us might be someone we have met in the tube, bus or on the street. How weird is that?

  6. I had experiences when my dreams came true, literally. I dreamt about my Aunt's death then 2 weeks after, she died.