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Turning your mistakes to life-long lessons.

Written By Lawson Elijah. on Saturday, 12 August 2017 | August 12, 2017

You aren't the first person to feel remorseful after doing a wrong deed. Neither are you the first to promise yourself never to do that again.
 However, you find your self in it again, you almost feel like there's no way out. Just about everyone has lost faith in you, they don't trust you anymore. I know it's painful though you may even be labeled as a bad person.
  But what if I told you that you could turn these mistakes into life-long lessons? Yep, that's right.
You sure can and they'll help you gain wisdom you'll need in Future.

Ways To Turn Them

The first and most important, Acknowledging them:
How often do you admit you're at fault when you really are? Do you use the five magic words?(Please, Excuse me, Sorry, Thank you and Pardon Me). It's vital that you own up to your mistakes and acknowledge them, and be ready to apologize in words and actions. Also, go extra miles to make sure you're even with your partner. :)

Draft A Plan:
After you've kept the above in your mind, you need to create a plan that'll help guard you against falling into the same trap.
 Write down your points neatly and flexible, You may need to adjust them later on. In order to accomplish this, have a sincere thought on how to improve yourself in future knowing that chastising yourself wouldn't get you far.

You need to think and reflect. Ask your self-questions about why you reacted the way you did, what stimulated your reaction, how do I improve better next time?  and the likes. That way, you get your answers written down and you'll understand your self better and how to avoid it next time.

  Seriously, you need to stop paying much attention to gratification. Make healthy choices that'll improve your mental and physical being. Also, learn to move forward after every mistake.

 ''You can't go back and start a new beginning, but you can start from where you are, and make a brand new ending''
 Start from where ever point you are now and make new resolutions that'll govern your mode of operation. Never compromise your standards for any reason.

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  1. I am a huge believer in that we really don't make mistakes... we just have life lessons that we can choose to learn from or not... Shell

  2. I really love your blog. It's amazing how you touch on some pressing matters. I'm glad that I discovered your blog.


  3. Makes total sense! All we need to do is:
    1. Identify the mistake
    2. Accept it
    3. Figure out what went wrong
    4. Work on it
    5. Never repeat that mistake again :)