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Murdering Suicide Amongst Teenagers.

Written By Lawson Elijah. on Tuesday, 29 August 2017 | August 29, 2017


            The thought of suicide leaves an aura of fright, terror and amongst others; fear of death in people. But to some others, Suicide is seen as a ‘’Gate way,’’ out of their emotional turmoil. Emotional Turmoil is also a part of a teens growth having their brains undergoing huge changes, fragile self-confidence, accustomed to bully(Very Dangerous) which make a whole lot of them very vulnerable.

             The teen age is controversially the most critical stages in the growth of a person and therefore is mandatory to be taken seriously by the parent/guardian and the society at large. Ignorance is a fault a hand full of us (humans) exhibits which breed regrets later on We need to work on it.
     A 14-year-old kid was Cyberbullied to the point of extreme depression he threatened to kill him self but no one thought he actually meant it. According to the story, he recorded a live video stabbing himself to death. Before the ambulance arrived, he was long gone.

   These stories are rampant everywhere but do some of us really pay attention to them? I really do not blame any one for the deaths of these children, doing that won't resuscitate them back to life. but I'd rather make a hell of noise about it drawing the attention of people towards helping these young golden minds and prevent more of them.

    According to the centre for disease control and prevention, Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults between ages 14-25 years. and 60% of these suicides(In the United States) are done using a fire arm(Keep it safe if you're a licenced owner).
     Suicides Do not just happen, There are lots of factors that can lead to these deaths. and a few causes are; Teenagers who kill themselves suffer from severe mental health Issues such as; Extreme Depression, Frustration, Sexual Abuse, Low Self -Esteem, Mistaken interpretation of Loneliness For Seeking Solitude, Anxiety, Drug Abuse or a behavioural problem. 
       Most teens do not spend a long time drafting out a plan on how to kill themselves. It comes as a result of a bad incidence, which triggered their emotions the wrong way Just like the overwhelming force of Anger(Negative), Pain, Hatred, which proves quite difficult to control And then decide to end their lives.

   Mean while, Some teenagers find it more ''Pleasant'' Cutting themselves but on the long run, they'll begin to contemplate suicide. The case of Bully is one that shouldn't be over looked When a person is constantly being bullied even to the extent of having to lick cow faeces!(That, I witnessed at school), it makes life miserable for him! He doesn't have peace wherever he is. He keeps anticipating the arrival of the ''Bullies'' (If you're One of them, Please, Stop it! It may look fun but trust me you're killing some one gradually).
         There are traits Such Teenagers Possess and paying close attention from the on set can help  Leverage Suicidal Thought from the mindset of the teenager.
A few of them are;

*Feeling Down, Sad and not willing to do many things.

*Fantasizing Suicide(This is damn Dangerous!).

*Feeling(Excessively)  lonely even in the midst of cool people,

* Easily gets upset and often takes it to the extreme.

*Almost always stressed out.(Not All of them)

According to psychologists, all these and more are lots of traits they possess at the early stages. which could lead Most Of them into making the decision.

     Helping Them;

I doubt there's any ''Defined'' method that could be implemented to help such teenagers. As you can't ask such teenagers ''Are you depressed?'' and then expect a truthful reply from most of them.

     But, if a teen talks about wanting to end his/her life, No matter how Unreal it's being expressed,  ''Take It Seriously!'' ''Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks (Matt 12:34)'' Speak soft words to him/her let them know how much you love them and the people they'll hurt by trying to kill themselves. And keep it real! Such teenagers can detect when you tell lie! They are very observant to your actions and eye contact.

*Understand The child. Their Personalities differs, so try to build them up on that. we shouldn't dictate their Race we should just guide them on their Pace.

*Listen! Either The child Speaks or not. In other words ( Be Sensitive). Most times they aren't going to open up to. We need to observe them and Establish a good communication Foundation.

*Let the child know that he is the uncountable person Paddling the same boat. Reassuring them that others have felt what they are feeling and it's all going to be well soon. Let them know that these feelings won't last long.

*Encourage them to have a ''good'' Social life. Let them understand that they could learn to grow by having great people around them. Nevertheless, It may be too far to force them against their will.

*If you ''MUST'' Scold such teen for any reason! Do not!! keep any harmful weapon around the environment. And please, Watch ever word you speak to them. Words are power full! They make, and they break!

Nevertheless, Those are some methods Scientist and Psychologists suggests to help them. Although desperate times calls for desperate measures. Maintain a close communication with God, for I believe there's nothing too hard for him to do.

So from me to you, have a great week ahead. Do let me know if I missed anything below. :)

#Lawson Elijah.


  1. Awareness is one way we can use to prevent chaos from happening. And you my friend just did so. Thanks a lot!

  2. Very informative. Suicide is such a difficult subject. Thank you for breaking down how to deal with this.

  3. Great article! Very insightful and meaningful. We all need to be aware that that teen suicide is an issue.