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The 'me' Culture.

Written By Lawson Elijah. on Thursday, 17 August 2017 | August 17, 2017

Back then, when I used to be in primary(Elementary) School, I was made to understand that culture is simply 'the way of life'. Google quotes culture as 'the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.' But I'd rather stick to the first.
 Anyhoo, thanks for sticking around. I do hope you're  having an awesome holiday wherever you are.

     I tagged this article as 'The 'me' Culture' because I'm going to be talking about me, living my life(Culture).
 Okay, I'm Lawson Elijah, from Nigeria, in the western part of Africa and I officially own this blog. My writing career or would I say hobby, started when I was 4 (Four) Years old and if I can vividly remember, my first book was ''The Tortoise Kingdom'' Lol I was younger then. Anyway, I wrote more and more and more books until I was 8 years or so, and there after, I moved towards the ''rapping hobby''. This continued till I was 12 years when I really had the passion of being the first man to go to the sun. Can you believe I thought about going to the sun in a refrigerator?.
I believed it was possible, I challenged anyone who tried to talk me down from the idea. I even made a comment on the NASA official Facebook page which became one of the most controversial topics at that time. Still, I kept on dreaming. However, I discovered that I couldn't do much to achieve this dream not even in the nearest future coupled with how behind my country is in terms of technology and sciences(No offence).So I had no choice than to keep going to school of course, which I did
 Once, the idea struck me,'why don't I write a book about it?' I thought over it for a little while and thought ' let me give it a shot.'

I think I used 8months(Eight) To write a 1060 words book titled 'Journey To The Sun' which I published online at Smashwords.
It is easier to get a message across written in a book because you can't shut a book up, but can only decide not to read it.

  Later on, a generous friend of mine gave me a piece of Advice saying; 'I put my head up in the clouds dreaming, but my feets are on the ground to reality.'  It doesn't take a wise man to interpret that, I got the message instantly. Note That didn't kill my spirit or enthusiasm, but it made me understand that some things aren't worth 'knowing' or 'changing' they are just as they are and meant to be that way, Nature.  So being a kid as I am, I picked up different interests because one of the fastest ways of learning is by experiencing things yourself. I found Interest in Computers, I just love them a lot. I read a lot about countries, still retained my passion for writing and I became more observant. My observations help me a lot and it's one of 'those things' that made me create this blog.

 Positivity is needed in our everyday lives. The tendency to see the good out of the bad, the art of possessing confidence in your self and in people, being optimistic and highly enthusiastic in every situation is a rare character found in humans from my 'little' Neighbour-hood research. I read lot's of books, at first, I read books to increase my vocabularies, but I later began to learn from them. One of such books was Ben Carson's Gifted Hands. 

I discovered something in the book. His mother Sonya Carson is one remarkable Positivity Activist whose courage, Fighting Spirit, motivated me. I not just think, but know that a world filled with positive(ly) imparted people would be one of the best things you could possibly imagine. With the Knowledge of God, Good Books and pieces of  'Good' Advice, I set a 'Real' dream of reaching out to the world getting them positively imparted. I've reached 5,000 and still counting, I hope you'll help me share it too :).

This Is the 'me' Culture. My way of life. I might not be that 'Public Figure' after all, I'm a 15-year-old kid from Nigeria. But, I believe my dream is possible. Do you?  


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  1. I'm totally in love with this write up. Great story, Captivating headline too. Keep it up.

  2. Wow you're only 15?? Amazing! Don't allow other people to pin you to the ground. Fly high dear child and take your feet with you :)

  3. Keep following your dreams. With your positive attitude you're sure to see them come true!

  4. This post is great! I absolutely applaud your positive attitude 💖🍵

  5. Follow your own path little one, you only know which steps to take. ♥