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Developing Patience.

Written By Lawson Elijah. on Friday, 25 August 2017 | August 25, 2017

 We weren't born with patience. Just like skills, They are to be developed. We can't sit in front of a computer for the first time and expect to type real fast. It requires lots of practice, and these practices include lots of patience. Also, you'll need to pay attention to events when you are not patient.
Having patience means being able to wait in the face of frustration. Where-Ever frustration lurks around, you'll need to practise patience and that's basically everywhere.
  Good things come to those who wait! Don't know if you've heard this before, At-least, you have, just now.Patience is essential in our daily lives.
 I would like to share with you a few methods on how to develop patience! Read on!

                     Patience Development
Thanks for reading this far. Below, are a few ways to develop Patience.

 *Be Sensitive To Irritation.
Most of us do not pay close attention to our emotions.  We do not usually notice when there's a slight tilt in the way we feel or react. Focusing on what's happening inside of you Helps you know when you feel pain and work towards Rescuing yourself out of them.  

*Understand That Anger Is Addictive.
One of the steps in developing patience is knowing the addictive effect of Anger, and if not being managed well can be very destructive. Of course, people would surely upset you, but Anger isn't the right response. You could do things you'll  regret later. Having this in mind,  the next time you feel annoyed or frustrated bear in mind that it isn't worth your(Negative) reaction. 

Learn to tolerate. 
A little hard for starters but if you don't want to be socially isolated, you'll  need to exercise a lot of tolerance. Learn to tolerate in comfort and discomfort. It'll take a bit of hard work but it's worth the try. After all, you stand a chance of benefiting peace when you do not react(Negatively) when upset.
*Pain has its purposes and it pushes us to find solutions for them.
Where ever you think you feel frustrated, bear in mind that you can overcome it. You wouldn't be faced with any challenge if you couldn't handle them.  You just need lots of patience, less Anger and more prayers😊.
*Practise The Art Of Meditation.

*Practice  Self Encouragement talk.
How often do you speak to yourself? Do you encourage yourself every time? It works faster when you encourage yourself every time.
Assure you self that nothing is worth you Anger, Nothing is worth Stressing you up. And whenever you fail to have patience, know that ''I can tolerate my flaws and move on.''

Do you think it's worth having Patience? Leave your feedbacks below!

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  1. I think that having patience is very important for the day to day, especially for driving, people lose their patience very quickly and I am included in that group.

  2. In current world we live in , it seems everyone has lost Patience and you have beautifully explained it.

  3. Patience is golden, because with it, you can achieve a lot. Great post.

  4. Patience is golden, because with it, you can achieve a lot. Great post.

  5. Great Post, how do we know we have enough patince?

    1. Hello Gemma, thanks for reading. There isn't a limit to which you can grow. We just keep developing daily!