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Written By Lawson Elijah. on Tuesday, 9 May 2017 | May 09, 2017

Addiction is a condition whereby a person injects a substance, or engages in an activity and then gets so much obsessed with it that it alters his daily activities.

 The causes of addictions are not specific.Anything that gives the body so much pleasure that one can't resist to some varying extent, he's said to be addicted to it.


(1). A craving desire to do the activity
(2.). Failed attempts to stop that activity
(3). Substance abuse
(4). Compulsive behavior
(5). Impulsivity


just like depression, addiction can be treated. here are a few steps in combating addiction
(1)withdrawal from the addicted substance/activity
(2) Behavioral counseling.
(3). staying away from what you know would trigger the feeling (e.g bad peer influence)
(4). detoxification(in terms of drug addiction)
(5). evaluation and treatments for co-occurring mental health issues such as anxiety or depression


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